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The Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

A bodyweight exercise is any strength training exercise that does not call for free weights. Resistance for every movement is provided by the person’s own body weight. Sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups are common examples of bodyweight exercises.

Most people think that bodyweight exercises simply build muscular endurance. They are wrong. Bodyweight exercises actually give the body great shape, as well. And because a person only needs his own body weight for each movement, he does not need to go to the gym.

If these exercises are done in the right fashion, it builds athletic and healthy muscles. Having athletic muscles is important for both sports and daily normal activities. There are actually more than twenty kinds and combination of bodyweight exercises. Hence these exercises are not limited to push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. These exercises can be combined to compose a very nice workout session.
A Brief History of Exercises

Furthermore, bodyweight exercises can be done in different ways. Depending on your strength, you can perform these exercises slow or explosive. You can challenge yourself to push harder as you build strength. The strength and the speed gained with bodyweight exercises is one advantage that weight training does not have.
Lessons Learned from Years with Workouts

So what other bodyweight exercises can one perform besides those mentioned above? Doing squats is one example. This exercise is considered the easiest. But, it should be noted that the body gets so much benefit from this. It actually develops the lower part of the body and it works the glutes, quads and hamstrings. if done correctly, it works the core muscles of the body as well.

The next one is planks. This is another common bodyweight exercise. The plank is a good way to work the core muscles. However, in order for this to be effective, the elbows and shoulders should be aligned while the hips, shoulders and heels should be at the same height.

Another example is the crab walk. It looks like a fun way to exercise the core, the triceps and the glutes. The extra benefit is challenging your body coordination. This may be very difficult at first and you might feel some discomfort around the wrist but do not give up. You simple turn the hands a bit to the side, when it gets a little uncomfortable around the wrists. Better yet, just take a break and get back to it. Remember to keep the hips off the floor all throughout the exercise.

There are various movements considered as bodyweight exercises. In terms of building muscles, these exercises are just as good as those that require equipment or machines. When you are a beginner, it is important to seek assistance from someone who has experience. You may also check these videos to find out more.